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Week Twenty-Seven
~ Help Arrives

Week 2 of bedrest ~ I spent much more time on the couch this week than the bed, something that was good for my sanity but terrible for comfort. My pelvis hurts so badly now and the couch seems to aggravate it. My hips are sore too. I had this happen with my last two pregnancies and there was no relief until delivery. I also think that baby has flipped to a head down position.

The new medication is working very well as far as keeping contractions down but I am still needing to take Tylenol with it. I forgot one night this week, and it was the worst headache I have had in a very long time. The Tylenol helps with the pelvic/hip pain too, so falling asleep at night is easier now.

My mother has been here for a week now; she's been such a huge help with the house. I feel guilty for laying around while she does laundry, dishes, etc . . . but I know this is only temporary and within a few months, I will be wishing for someone to come do those things for me!! Mom and I did get out to do some shopping this week. We visited Walmart and a grocery store and used the wheelchair Walmart provided and the electric cart at the grocery store. It was great for me to get out. We are going to attempt to go to the mall after my next doctor appointment if my cervix is doing well, with the use of one of the mall's rental wheelchairs.

Zachary and Jacob started baseball season this week. Doug is assistant coaching again this season. Doug reported to me that after the first practice that Zachary will most likely be playing catcher this season and retained his skills even without practicing all season. Jacob did well, but since he is coming from t-ball he will be playing the outfield. I hope there isn't too much sibling rivalry from this.

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