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Week Twenty-Eight
~ Week 3 of Bed Rest

The week started out fairly normal, but it quickly turned into a busy hectic week. Monday we were starting to prepare for Hurricane Floyd. Doug took care of the house and I went with my mother to Sam's to get supplies. I really should not have been up but I am the only one with a Sam's card to so I went. Thank goodness Floyd passed us by with only a brushing. When he was threatening South Florida, his winds were 155 mph, and we were very scared.

This week was also another doctor appointment for me. My weight gain was three pounds in two weeks!! Yuck but I am still under 10 pounds total so I guess I can't complain. The ultrasound of my cervix was not good. It is down to 2 cm in length from the 2.8 cm two weeks ago. I was put on the monitor, and it showed no contractions. The perinatologist has upped my medication to twice a day. They are thinking that I am having contractions at times but not feeling them. I also need to spend even more time in bed or the couch. I will have another vaginal ultrasound in two weeks to measure my cervix again and supposedly that will be the last one I have unless it shortens again. They are thinking that once I get to 30 weeks, they feel pretty safe if the baby was to be born. I will, however, still be on the medication until they take the sutures out at 36 weeks (not 37). I am starting to realize that the end is getting close. Even if I do go all the way to 36 weeks, that is only 8 weeks from now. It's kind of scary and kind of exciting at the same time. There is no way I will go past the 36 weeks plus a few days . . . my cervix just does not have any holding power once the cerclage is removed.

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