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Week Twenty-Nine
~ Hitting Those Short-Term Goals!

Made it through to week 29, which was our first goal for an early delivery, and we are a week closer to our next short term goal of 30 weeks. We are really hoping to make it to 36 weeks when the cerclage is supposed to be removed. I am feeling well, beginning to get uncomfortable at night; at times it's little feet in my ribs or what I think are little feet. Heartburn has really subsided this week. I am pretty sure that little one is head down and has dropped. At this point, I have at most seven weeks until little one is born. Knowing that helps get me through each day. I have another vaginal ultrasound scheduled for next week as well as a regular OB appointment with the perinatologist. I am really hoping that my cervix is at least the same or better in length. Anything but shorter would be good! Not sure what they will do if it is shorter again, maybe more strict bed rest, maybe hospitalization. Neither would be fun but if necessary to keep baby in longer, I can do it. I can't say that I wouldn't complain because I am sure I would.

A friend of mine, Nancy, is planning a baby shower at my house for mid to end of October. Mostly looking forward to having friends and family over and to make the next few weeks of bed rest more exciting by planning it. I am pretty well set for baby but still need a few little things, and I would love lots of diapers!

The family is doing well. The boys are both doing great in baseball; they got their uniforms this week for the season. It amazes me to see how much they've grown. Doug is doing well, busy as usual with work, not that he would have it any other way. We are planning on having new carpet installed in the house before the baby is born. I can't wait! We've put off the carpet for over a year and have lived with the awful Terrazzo floors the house had when we bought it last year. Now that a new baby is coming, it's time; these floors are too hard and cold for a baby to crawl on or learn to walk on.

My mother is still here helping. She plans to stay to at least the end of October but maybe even until baby is born if it doesn't happen prior to end of October.

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