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Week Thirty
~ Great News!

Week 30 ended with a terrific OB appointment! Although my cervix has not lengthened, it has not shortened either and that is wonderful news. I gained a couple pounds and if my recollection is correct that makes a total weight gain of 11 pounds. My blood pressure was 114/70, baby is head down like I thought, and I am measuring right on target for 30 weeks. I go back in two weeks for my last vaginal ultrasound. After that, nothing further will be done as they expect a cervix to start to change after 32 weeks.

I spoke with Dr. Graham about the plan when the cerclage is taken out. If I dilate significantly when it is removed, then I will be admitted to the hospital and started on Pitocin. If I do not dilate right after it is taken out then I will be scheduled for one more week. And if at that time I have dilated, they will admit me and start me on Pitocin then. In the past pregnancies I have dilated as soon as the cerclage was taken out, so I expect to do the same this time. What this all means is that in six weeks or less if I go into labor prior to cerclage coming out, we will have our fourth son!

I also was given more leeway in he bed rest department! But if I start to feel crampy, have contractions or pressure then I am to go back to bed or couch for a few hours. I was also given the green light to do some mall shopping today as long as I used a wheelchair and was allowed to go our Zachary and Jacob's second baseball game tonight. I can't even begin to say how much these two little things made my day!!!

My mother is still here helping and what a Godsend she's been. I can't imagine how we would have managed so far without her. Not to mention how hard it must be on my father to be in Texas all alone. I am truly lucky to have such wonderful parents!

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