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Week Thirty-Two
~ Officially OFF Bedrest!

Wow, has it been a week already since my last entry? I hope the remaining weeks go as quickly, well sort of . . .

I had my 32nd week Perinatologist appointment today, and I am so pleased! I had my last vaginal ultrasound, and my cervix actually increased in length from 2.1cm to 2.7cm and that was doing very little bedrest. I am officially OFF bedrest now!! I am still on Procardia XL to control contractions, and I need to use a wheelchair or electric cart when out shopping. My fundal height measured 33 weeks and baby's heart rate was strong and loud! The midwife actually commented that she thought it sounded like a girl's, and she thought that I was going to tell her that we were having a girl. Now I am wondering since the ultrasound technician was not 100% it was a boy . . . could this be a girl? I think I lost 1/2 a pound since my 30 week appointment. If not a loss, I didn't gain anything either which is great since my nightly snacking on ice cream had me worried! Well, not worried enough to stop eating ice cream, after all doesn't Mommy and Baby need their calcium?

The best news is that I have a date for cerclage removal . . . November 12th!! I expect that this little one will make his/her entrance the same day or the following day. Previously, I have dilated as soon as cerclage is removed, and the plan is to admit me and induce me if that happens again.

So now . . . I am going to be even more of a psycho pregnant woman knowing that we have four weeks to go and all the nesting isn't done. Carpet has not been installed yet, that was supposed to happen this week. We did however replace the refrigerator this week; the one we had was too small for us now and with another mouth coming we needed a bigger one. I guess I am going to have to really look into what is important on my list and get only those things done.

I go back in two weeks (34 weeks then) and then the next appointment will be when the cerclage is removed. Oooo!!! I am so excited!!! Thanksgiving is going to be so special this year!!

Not much else new to write about. Pretty normal activities going on here, nothing that I want to bore you all with smile

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