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Week Thirty-Three
~ Hurricane Irene

After my last entry, my rather normal week turned into a much more dramatic week. Hurricane Irene snuck up on us, and there was no time to prepare. She had been predicted to go up the west coast of Florida from the south but turned at the last minute and came across south Florida, going right through Palm Beach County. We lost power Friday night about 7:30 pm, and since we weren't expecting very strong winds and the windows were not boarded up, I opened them up for a few windows for ventilation.

About 9:30 pm the rain was getting bad and already had some street flooding. The kids went to bed and despite the wind, heavy rain and humidity, they slept all night. I, on the other hand, could not sleep; it was just too humid for me. I was up watching the green lightning a hurricane produces and the heavy winds and rain. Dh woke up a few hours later to watch with me. It was then that we noticed how much water was in our front yard. We have never had the front swale even fill up. But now it was just a few feet from our front door! I went to the back door off the family room and was even more shocked at what I saw. Not only was the pool full but it was under water as our whole backyard (1/4 acre) was a lake and the water was about one inch from coming in the door. About then, we noticed that the rain had slowed down. Thinking it was another lull and a new squall would come soon, we opened the gate to the backyard and moved some things that had floated to the gate. This allowed some water to flow to the side yard. Luckily the lull, was the "eye" of the storm and the rain never returned, only winds. We did have some water creep into our garage but nothing much.

By 10 am Saturday, the storm was pretty much gone and the day was starting to reveal just how much of a mess the storm had left. Nothing damaged here but we did have a huge mess, tree branches down, water everywhere, mud, displaced snakes looking for dry ground, pool was green and full of leaves and dirt. We were lucky compared to others, total flooding out their homes, large trees down in their yards, cars or homes. A lesson learned was that a category 1 hurricane was enough for me. Anything bigger then a 2, and I will evacuate.

After the weekend, things started to return to a normal pace here which is usually pretty hectic. The carpet that we had been waiting for had finally come in and was installed on Tuesday. It took the installers all day since the house had no tack strip and that had to be installed first. But the wait (mostly outside) was worth it. Now, to get the kitchen and bathrooms tiled to match the entrance tile we laid. I am hoping that my husband can find the time before the baby arrives to tile these rooms.

The boys had a couple games canceled last week from the storm but the one game they did play they won. They are still undefeated this season! The boys also brought home report cards this week. They are both doing very well and we are pleased.

My baby shower is in a few days, Sunday the 24th. When I set that date about a month ago, it seemed so far off and now it is a few days away. I am somewhat sad that a few people can't make it, especially my mother-in-law and sister-in-law but they are six hours away by car, and I understand. And my best friend from high school can't make it, but she is moving into a new home this week and is also four hours away by car. Looks like we will have about 15-20 people (adults and children).

I am thrilled beyond words that we have made it to week 33 and starting week 34. When the pre-term labor started in August, I could not imagine making it this far. Two more weeks until the cerclage is removed, and I am starting to wonder if I should ask for them to wait until week 37 to remove it. All the other boys were born right after the cerclage was removed at 37 weeks and I am positive that this one will too. Being born at 36 weeks is not too early but still early enough for some possible problems. But on a personal level, I can't wait and if baby is born at 36 weeks, I will still have help here for a couple weeks after his birth.

I also am becoming so increasingly uncomfortable, heartburn and indigestion are very severe almost constantly and sleeping is quickly becoming something I only dream of doing. I know that the perinatologist has reasons for removing cerclages at 36 weeks and that she would not take any chances if she felt it was not safe to remove it. So next week (34 week appointment and last one before cerclage is to be removed), I plan to ask about possible steroid shots. It is hard to imagine that in as little as three weeks I will no longer be pregnant and we will finally have baby in our arms. Knowing that has me trying to tackle my "nesting" list with even more determination.

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