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Tracy B's Pregnancy Journal

Week Thirty-Four
~ Things Are Good!

I had a perinatologist appointment this week. Total weight gain is 13 pounds now, baby's heartbeat was 150, I am measuring 34 cm, blood pressure was 120/80. Since the increased medication has stopped contractions, I am not on bedrest (Yeah!). I also had a test for ruptured membranes. For a couple days, I have had a watery discharge (off and on) and the test came back negative but if the discharge continues or gets worse, I am to go back in; I could have a high leak that is intermittent and at the time I was tested there was no amniotic fluid in my vagina. (I know more then you wanted to know!)

I asked about steroids and here is the plan. The cerclage removal was moved up a few days to November 15. Both the perinatologist and ARNP feel that anything after 36 weeks is safe. I could have chosen to go a few more days and do it at 37 weeks instead of 36.3 but I am so ready!!! And this works out better for dh's schedule and having help here. Also baby is still head down and very low. I am having the cerclage removed at 1 pm, and if I dilate to 4 or more, then I am going straight to hospital for pitocin. If I am not 4 or more, I am to go walk around for a couple hours (mall is next door) and then if I am at 4 or more, I'll go to hospital. If not I will be seen in a week or sooner if labor starts before then. I am almost positive that I will be induced the same day the cerclage is removed . . . looking like a November 15 or November 16 birthday!

I also got a prescription for an antibiotic for my sinus infection. I may finally be able to breathe again!!! I am going to stop taking the Procardia XL on the 12th (36 weeks).

The weather has been beautiful here, mid to high 70's during the day and 60's at night. It is so nice to be able to turn the air conditioner off and open the windows. Being in South Florida, we can't do that very often. Hope this weather continues for awhile.

I think I am close to having my "nesting" list complete. Only a couple more things I want to do before baby arrives, one being having our two new kitties declawed next week. We adopted two black persian kittens (older kittens) from the pound. I had wanted to wait until after baby before getting cats but since my Mom is here until the baby arrives, she can take care of the litter box for me. The boys are so thrilled and love the kitties. We have named them Max and Molly. Now if I can get dh to just tile the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms before the 15th!

Had my shower last weekend. It was great and my friends, Lisa and Nancy, really did a super job with organizing it. I received so many cute things. I think that I am done with necessities, only need a baby now!!! Won't be long!!!

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