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Week Thirty-Six
~ Stop the Roller Coaster!

Someone stop and let me off this roller coaster please!!! I had my 36 week OB appointment today (11/10). There had not been a planned visit today but I wanted to have the Group B strep test done before the cerclage came out since I tend to go quickly once it is removed.

My weight is up a bit (4 lbs in 2 weeks); blood pressure was okay and fundal height measured at 38 weeks. I asked the midwife if she thought the baby was head down. Even though I was told two weeks ago that he was by the Registered Nurse Practitioner, I still had doubts. I have had a hard lump in my upper right side of uterus and lately in my ribs. I feel movement at the top and bottom of uterus. Anyway, the midwife wasn't sure, but she suspected breech. Off I went to the ultrasound room and yes, he is breech. He's frank breech and he is estimated to weigh 6 lbs 4 oz right now. I have plenty of amniotic fluid, and he looks great. The best part was seeing his face; his eyes were open and he appeared to be looking at me :-)

Anyway, back to talk to the midwife and then the perinatologist. There was talk of taking the cerclage out today as I am 36 weeks tomorrow and a vaginal delivery at his size now would probably be possible. But the perinatologist decided to give him a few days to turn (and I am to do exercises to try and persuade him), and we left cerclage removal for Monday. The plan is still the same, remove cerclage and attempt vaginal breech birth. If I dilate to 3 or 4, I will be admitted and observed possibly overnight to see what happens or I may be induced. A lot depends on what happens on Monday. So . . .

I left the perinatologist's office and drove to a pay phone to call my husband and cry. Not sure why. I am okay with trying for a vaginal breech birth and okay if we have to do a c-section. I guess it was so much new info today and hormones. I am so ready to have this roller coaster stop. Part of me wanted so badly to have the cerclage removed today . . . part of me was scared to death of that happening today. I am trying to look at these next five days as time to enjoy, but now I feel like I have to worry about how this is going to play out next week.

I wish I could write more about other things, but this is all that I can think about now.

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