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Week Thirty-Seven
~ Still Pregnant!

Check off another week on the calendar! I had an appointment with my perinatologist on Monday the 15th, and my cerclage was removed. Doug came with me as in the past it always hurt so much during the removal and cramping was awful afterwards. But this time it was painless and no cramping or bleeding afterwards. All that is great but this little guy is still breech and causing little or no pressure on my cervix. With Jacob and Matthew, they were so low and head down that I immediately dilated when the cerclage was removed. This time I was 2 cm but still thick, so we were sent home to wait. I had really been hoping that I would dilate to 3-4 cm and then be induced.

After my initial disappointment, I started having a an odd sense of peace about waiting. One week ago the baby was estimated to weigh 6 lbs 4 oz so maybe he needed a little more time to cook. But since he still has not flipped, I am starting to get worried about the chance of a vaginal breech delivery if he gets too much bigger, as he would be about 7 lbs now if the ultrasound estimate was correct. I go back to perinatologist tomorrow (when I will be starting week 38). I am hoping that we can talk about the possibility of External Cephalic Version - I hope that is the correct name for the procedure (turning baby) or inducing now before he gets too large. I also have a desire to have him before Thanksgiving. My mother is still here and is supposed to leave on the 26th (day after Thanksgiving), and my husband's family wants to come down for Thanksgiving and hopefully see their new grand baby. Pressure!!!!! LOL

Other than that there really isn't much happening here. We are ready for baby, so those kinds of preparations are done. My nesting list was pretty much completed except for the tiling of the kitchen and dining room. Boys finished baseball so our hectic schedule has calmed down. Oh and they did finish first in the season!!! They have an awards ceremony to go to this weekend; they had one already but this time they will be receiving trophies from their coach.

Hopefully, I will be posting a birth announcement soon!

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