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Tracy B's Pregnancy Journal

Week Four
~ Finding Out and Special Moments

I suspected that I was pregnant for a few days, but it wasn't until I tested that I saw a very, very faint positive line yesterday April 3. What a wonderful Easter present for us!! Looks like our three boys are going to have another sibling come December. Thinking pink this time, but we will be happy with another boy. I am concerned about my incompetent cervix (as I was every other time), and I will be very relieved once the cerclage is in place to keep my cervix closed. Only ten more weeks until that can be done.

Special Moments ~ April 5

I called Doug (dh) to tell him after I tested and here is how it went.

Ring . . . Ring . . . Ring . . .

Dh: Hello?

Me: Hi Honey.

Dh: Hi!

Me: Are you holding any power tools?

Dh: No?? Why??

Me: Cuz I didn't want you or anyone near you getting hurt.

Dh: Huh? Why???

Me: Well . . . it is official.

Dh: You re-tested??

Me: Yes.

Dh: Well...

Me: it is POSITIVE for sure!

Dh: "chuckles" and says WOW!

Me: I am shaking . . . I wish you were here.

Dh: I will be home before 3am.

Me: good

Dh: No joking! Four kids???

Me: Yes, God willing.

Dh: Four??? WOW! What are we naming this one??

Me: Slow down, we have plenty of time for that.

Dh: Bye, I love you.

Me: Bye, I love you too.

Medical ~ April 8

Called this morning and made an appointment for the County Health Department to apply for Medicaid to cover this pregnancy. I was approved for temporary Medicaid through the end of April. I called OB's ofice to reschedule my appointment for this month instead of May 5. So I go in April 13 at 8:45 am for the OB interview to do all the paperwork and hopefully pregnancy cultures and exam. I want to discuss my cerclage plan with Dr. L.

General Thoughts ~ April 9

Amazing how already I am feeling preganant so soon after a positive home pregnancy test. I'm feeling bloated mostly and a tad bit of morning sickness when I wake up. Certainly nothing to complain about. In fact it makes me smile, reminds me of the little one growing inside of me. How long do I have to wait to see you??? About 35 weeks . . . Oh . . . how we can't wait to bring you home to your brothers, Zachary, Jacob and Matthew.

We love you little Baby B!

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