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Tracy B's Pregnancy Journal

Week Seven
~ Doctor Appointments

I am in week 7 now. Seems like it will be a long time until I reach the second trimester, though this time next month I will be and I will be approaching the time to have the cerclage surgery. I have my first official OB appointment tomorrow. I had blood tests and a urine test done two weeks ago, and I will find out the results of those tests. Not expecting anything earth shattering tomorrow but I will be happy to hear that my uterus is measuring at seven weeks and that the tests all came back normal. I am now noticing that my breasts are sore, especially at night when I roll over. No morning sickness to speak of, tired more during the afternoons but that is pretty hard to do anything about. The boys keep me active.

Doctor Visits ~ April 27

Today was my first real OB appointment. I am by their records 7+ weeks. I had a pelvic exam, pap smear, and pregnancy cultures done. My blood test and urine tests all came back normal. We spoke about a tubal ligation after the baby is born, and I learned that I cannot go to the hospital that I wanted to use (the one that Zach and Matt were both born) since it is a Catholic Hospital. I am going to have to use another hospital for delivery and tubal surgery.

We also spoke about cerclage and the plan is the same as the previous ones. At my next appointment he will schedule a Level II ultrasound at the perinatologist office and if the baby is viable, the surgery will happen in week 13 to 14.

Not much else to discuss as Dr. L, told me, "You are an old pro at this now!" LOL! Not really but I have done this a few times!!

I go back May 25 (day before Jake's 6th birthday) and I will be almost through the first trimester then, within days.

I am feeling incredibly well, have had some problems with breakouts on my face, never had this before. But I feel great so this is nothing to complain about.

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