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Tracy B's Pregnancy Journal

Week Eight
~ Feeling Great!

Wow! I've already getting a small pooch out front. I woke up feeling bigger today. I can feel a small belly developing and that makes me feel so good. I bought a couple pairs of maternity shorts to save, but they feel so good to wear now. They are like bike shorts so they can be worn with big t-shirts for now and after baby. This is so exciting!

General Thoughts ~ May 4

I woke up today feeling great! For the first time in weeks, I woke up without feeling queasy or tired. I even made the boys a real breakfast (french toast). I am so looking forward for getting through the first trimester and not feeling so tired. I took a two hour nap yesterday while Matthew napped.

We are close to being done with homeschooling. About the same time we finish school, I will be entering the second trimester, just in time to enjoy the summer and then get ready for the third trimester and most likely bedrest. I'm getting closer to my appointment with Medicaid and praying that goes though.

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