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Week Nine
~ Moving Right Along

Well today was the day to go in and apply for ongoing Medicaid. I got lucky and had a nice case worker, one with experience and no attitude. The other worker there was new and had a whole lot of attitude. Anyway, my case is still pending as my worker has not entered all of my info supplied her (since we are self-employed, it takes a long time), and I still have to bring her a few things. The boys' birth certificates, Social Security Cards, Doug's picture ID and Social Security card, tax bill and a statement showing amount owed on our home. I was told that it could take as long as the rest of the month to find out for sure that I am approved but that I can still use my temporary Medicaid number, and my cerclage surgery can even be scheduled. I am hoping that this is approved by the end of the month as I know that I need to have the cerclage surgery by mid June. Cutting it close, huh? This is such a relief to have this hurdle about crossed.

Thoughts ~ May 11

I'm getting very excited now that I am nearing the end of my first trimester and decreasing the odds of a miscarriage each day we get closer to the end of this trimester. Though I know I have to get through the cerclage surgery and get to a safe point in my pregnancy without the risk of a premature baby, I feel fairly confident that by the end of November, we will be close to having or will have a healthy baby. I am pretty sure that I will not make it to December 10 (just not going to happen once the sutures come out at about 37 weeks). I just hope that I do not have a repeat labor like the one with Matthew. One hour was too fast and getting to the hospital at 7 cm was scary! Of course, it was much better than 22 hours of labor like I did with Zachary. I'd prefer one closer to Jake's labor of 7 hours. Oh well; time will tell.

We have been thinking about names a bit. We still like Lucas for a boy, and we are tossing around a few names for a girl. Lauren and Nicole are my favorites and Doug likes Chloe. I'm not sure that I can get used to that. I also would like to somehow use Ann in the name for a girl to continue on the tradition from my side of family. Oh well I guess we have a lot of time to decide on names. We have less time to accumulate the baby items we need since I got rid of all baby items from the boys.

I'm still feeling pretty good. I have a few days where I feel queasy all day but for the most part, it happens only when I wake up and goes away when I get moving. My face was breaking out but I attacked that, and it has cleared up nicely. I wore some of my regular shorts yesterday evening when we went for a walk, and I had to unbutton them as they were just too uncomfortable. I am wearing maternity shorts today, and it feels so much better. Guess I am headed towards full time maternity shorts very soon. I won't be needing maternity shirts for awhile but I prefer big t-shirts anyway. I don't need much in the way of clothing as I am pretty much a home body and a very dear, sweet, thoughtful friend sent me a big box of maternity clothes that she had. (Thanks Kristi) I bought a couple outfits myself, and I am sure that as I near my due date I will want something new to wear, as I get so tired of the same things after so many weeks of wearing them.

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