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Birth Story
~ They're here!

The Twins!The twins are here, and if you can imagine, my life will never be the same!!

Iím sorry that I missed you all the last couple of weeks before delivery. Things had gotten very rough health-wise, which is what led to my giving birth at 34 weeks gestation. Before I tell you about the birth, I wanted to go back a little bit. I promised myself to be honest and frank when writing this journal, so I must be upfront in telling you that I was shocked at this pregnancy, and not very thrilled about it. That part is hard for me because Iíve always wanted a big family, and I usually see pregnancy as such an amazing experience. After the birth of my fourth child, it left me wary from all of the complications, and just out right exhausted, as my hands were virtually full at that point. In my first few weeks of this pregnancy, I was worried about welcoming a fifth child into the mix, scared about complications, and worn out from nausea. When I found out at eight weeks along that I was carrying twins, I was shocked and surprised. But it changed the way I looked at my pregnancy. I then knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was Godís doing, and certainly no mistake. I decided then and there that if He felt that my husband and I were worthy enough to bring not one, but two more into our family, then who was I to complain? I decided to keep that attitude, along with my gratitude for the rest of my pregnancy.

Being pregnant with twins and having four other little ones at home, including a 1 1/2 year old, and working full-time was very trying at times. My goal in life (my obsession) became doing whatever was necessary to keep my twins in as long as possible. I have never prayed so much or wanted so much for something that I didnít even ask for in the beginning. At 34 weeks and 3 days, I went in for a routine doctor's appointment. At this point I was being seen weekly, as well as weekly non-stress tests. We were having a hard time getting baby b (my little girl) to stay on the monitor, so my doctor sent me over to labor and delivery to get hooked up to monitors and make sure that everything was okay. She also wanted me to do some blood work while I was there because I had some high blood pressure readings and some headaches recently. At the hospital I got hooked up to the monitors and the babies were both doing very well. I just had to stay around for the results of my blood work, so the nurse just told me to stay in my gown and relax and take a nap. I was surprised an hour later when my doctor was at my bedside waking me up. She told me that my blood work was alarming in that my platelet count was low, which is a sign of pre-eclampsia, and also a sign that my blood will not clot correctly during a normal delivery, and I could need a transfusion. She told me that this was a condition that she had no way of monitoring, so before it gets any worse, we needed to take the babies asap! I was shocked and speechless. She had this talk with me at 2 p.m. She told me to call my husband right away, because I would be going in for an emergency c-section, instead of an induction, since baby A (my baby boy) was still presenting breech.

Tshara and her babies!I called my husband and asked him how he would like to meet his babies today! He was shocked but happy and made it there from work in less than thirty minutes. I felt unprepared because I had nothing with me at all, remember, this was a routine doctorís appointment, right? I had my husband stop at Wal-mart for a nightgown, socks, a disposable camera, and a few goodies for my soon to arrive babies. As they were prepping me for surgery, everything was happening so fast, and a wave of fear and regret did wash over me. I hadnít had time to come to terms with this being my last day of this pregnancy, and the fact that my belly would be gone. As hard as it had been on me, I wasnít sure if I was ready for it to end. Also, I was in intense fear of having a c-section, as I had delivered all four other children naturally. I had high hopes of pushing my two babies out! I didnít have my pretty night gown and house shoes that I had brought especially for the birth. I didnít have my video camera or digital camera, but there was no time to think about any of that. They wheeled me in to the operating room at 4 p.m. There were about 10 or 12 people in there for my babiesí arrival. On December 16, 2008, att 4:11 p.m., my son, Avíry Robert (baby A) arrived weighing in at 5lbs 13 oz., and at 4:13 p.m., just two minutes later, little Ava Nicole arrived weighing in at 5lbs. 1 oz. For 34 week old preemies, they were huge! Their lungs sounded great, thank God! Their apgar scores were high as well, but all preemies must be whisked away to the nursery for testing, and that part was sad to me as this was my first c-section, and I was used to holding my babies in my arms right away.

There was so much more that I didnít get a chance to share with you during this journal. I learned a lot about the brave women who battle with infertility from being on my parents of multiples web site. Pregnancy doesnít come easy for everyone, so be blessed at your gift. I shared with a lot of army wives here on Fort Hood where I live, who were missing their loved ones in Iraq. I canít imagine how they make it through pregnancy alone and worried about their husbandís safety as well. Hold on tight to the one you love, and keep those who fight for our freedom close to your hearts. And I was able to finish my Master's degree before the babies were born! I will be taking my Principal Certification test on January 31st. These are a couple of things that I wanted to address in the upcoming weeks, but I guess life has a way of happening on its own.

We stayed in the hospital for four days and have been home together ever since. They have changed my life in a way that I hadnít expected, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Iím loving these twins, and so happy that they invaded my life. Now I just have to get used to being called mommy by six beautiful, awesome little people!!

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you, and please feel free to contact me. Wherever you are, and whatever you have going on in your life, please have faith that God didnít bring you this far for nothing!

~ Tshara

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