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Week 24 ~ October 6 - 10, 2008
~ Go Home Mrs. Gardner, you don't belong here!

This has been a very interesting week. The twins obviously had a growth spurt this weekend because when I got to work, everyone was commenting on how much bigger my stomach looked. I know they're not lying because my doctor said that I am measuring at 32 weeks when I am really only 24 weeks. Yup, that's what twins can do to ya. Regardless, it's still not right when your stomach's so big that while walking down the hall of the school that I teach at, my belly rubs against one of my student's backs. Before I can apologize, she turns around with a big smile on her little eighth grade face, and says "go home Mrs. Gardner, you can barely walk, you don't belong here!" Wow, I am shocked by her infinite wisdom. Why doesn't anyone else understand that I don't belong here. When are you people going to let me go home? (smile)

Actually, it's me who's torn about when to leave work. My principal is awesome and will support whatever I need to do. My co-workers have proven to be quite caring. They ask me everyday, "Are you sure you can make it? You look like you're done." Thanks ya'll, tell me how tired I look again. I know they mean well. I know too that in about three to four more weeks, I will have to leave. I can barely walk, and managing 125 sixth and eighth graders is getting increasingly difficult. If my students didn't love and respect me so much, I probably would have had to give it up a long time ago. I just don't want to leave them for too long with a sub. It's just not the same, but I know I must do what's best for my babies.

What worries me most is the thought of preterm labor, which is quite an issue with twin pregnancies. I took an online test to tell you what risk category you are in for preterm labor, and due to the fact that I work full-time, already have four little ones at home (including a 1 1/2 year old), and commute more than thirty minutes each way to work daily all make me high risk. I know that being pregnant period is a scary thing but being pregnant with the twins seems to register an extra dose of concern.

On a lighter note, I got to see the twins on ultrasound last week and they seemed to be having a blast with each other. They were kicking each other, and head-butting each other. I hope it's not a sign of what's to come!

Well, that's it. Have a great week, and if you need to, go home!

~ Tshara

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