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Week 25
~ My Husband Finally Believes Iím Pregnant!

I am a couple of months away from delivering my fifth and sixth babies, and finally my husband gets it! What I mean by that is, Iíve always complained about not being treated like a pregnant woman. My husband says it was virtually impossible to do so, since I run around like superwoman, and wonít let anyone help me do anything. He may be partially correct in this matter of taking help from others. Itís not that I donít need or want any, itís that I have always, since childhood, had a hard time asking others to do things for me. That doesnít mean if you offer, I wonít take it, because offers are very welcome!

Since I was about eight weeks along, my husband has cooked, cleaned, and taken care of our 1 1/2 year old. It has been very hard for me, a self-described ďbusy body,Ē to sit back and let him practically run the house, but thatís what Iíve had to do. It bothers me not to be able to be as involved with my other four children as I normally would be. I completely missed out on family outings this summer. I was so nauseous all day long, and being in the sun made it worse, so I had to avoid any activity during the daytime. This is the first pregnancy where I actually just sat on the couch sick, tired, and virtually motionless. I hope that the kids do understand that this is just temporary, and the old, active and involved mommy will be back to normal soon! It is times like this that I find myself very grateful to have such a loving and involved spouse. Now donít get me wrong, he may not do everything to the level or standard that I may like. The laundry is a bit unorganized, but it gets done. The house is not exactly how I like it, but he and the kids try, and have done a pretty good job. When I get home from work and am tired, he has done a great job of stepping in to help with dinner, etc. What I like most about his help during this pregnancy, is that he finally treats me like Iím pregnant. I cannot say enough to thank him for his daily foot massages, back rubs, fixing me plates, getting me drinks, and driving around town to engage my many wild cravings. Most of all, Iím thankful that he has managed it all with a smile on his face.

If you are experiencing the same issues, I hope you too have someone to comfort you!.

Until next week, relax, and enjoy your pregnancy!

~ Tshara

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