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Week 26
~ This Is Waaay Different Than I Thought!

Okay, Iíve done this before, like four other times. I know that each pregnancy is different, believe me, and each of mine has been, but this, well this twin thing is waaay more than I ever bargained for. When I found out at about eight weeks that I was pregnant with twins, I knew that I was in for it. I, like many other women, had always thought that having twins would be a neat thing. When I had imagined it up in my head, I thought about all of the fun stuff, like double strollers, and dressing them alike, and things of that sort. I hadnít thought too much about double the morning (or should I say all day) sickness, extreme exhaustion, or the severe back pain that doesnít usually start until the last two months, but started this time at around 12 weeks. Not that Iím complaining (okay, just a little).

Like most things in life, stuff is either easier or harder than you thought it might be. In this case, it is definitely harder. Iím 26, almost 27 weeks, and by this time, Iím usually still whipping around like Iím not even pregnant. It usually doesnít slow me down until around 34 weeks or so. As hard as carrying the twins has been, I truly feel that the experience of holding two beautiful human beings that were connected in the womb is going to be well worth the wait.

I feel introspective enough to say that every pregnancy, singleton or twins, is truly a miracle. The idea that we can grow another human being, spirit and all, from start to finish is an amazing thing. Ladies, I know we go through so much more than anyone (especially husbands) can possibly imagine. We sacrifice careers, education, body image, etc. just to experience this very special thing. If by chance, you are feeling like me this week (struggling to handle it all), please think about the miracle that will be yours at the end.

Until next week, hang in there, and enjoy the time you have left with your baby inside of you!

~ Tshara

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