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Tshara's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 28 & 29
~ No More Work, Yeah!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I missed you guys last week, but the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Week 28 of my pregnancy marks my last week of work. Because this is a twin pregnancy, it is necessary for me to get off of my feet a little sooner than usual. The way my doctor explained it to me, it is a matter of gravity. While carrying two inside, it puts a lot of extra weight on the uterus. This is why the risk of pre-term labor is so high in multiples. For example, although this is my 28th week, I am measuring at 40 weeks already! I keep thinking to myself, how much bigger can my belly possibly get.

Iím not as torn about leaving work as I thought Iíd be. I will miss my students, but I need to do whatís best for me and the babies. I have so much to do as far as getting the house ready and organized for the babies. However, being off this first week has reinforced what I already know; when you are expecting, but you already have a house full of children, or even one other, there is no such thing as a break. I still have to get the kids to school, the baby to daycare, and keep the house clean. As you ladies know, all of this is a job within itself.

Also, I have to work on getting my short- term disability paperwork approved, and as a teacher, I am still responsible for weekly lesson plans, and if you can believe this, grading. The more I think about it all, the more Iím wondering why they call it leave when I feel like Iím being followed by it all! Oh yeah, the gravity thing, at least at home I can sit down while doing these ďchoresĒ.

I am happy to say that I am a 28 week graduate, which is an important marker for all pregnancies, but especially the twins since they have a much harder time staying in. I am praying for all of you that each of your babies are healthy and strong.

Iíll write more next week about Thanksgiving, and I really hope it is free of Family drama! Until then, have a great week.

~ Tshara

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