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Vivian's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Vivian

Vivian's Pregnancy JournalName: Vivian; Age: 26; Profession: Psychotherapist
Married to: Mychal; Age: 26; Profession: Engineer
Family: A baby girl on the way May 10th, 2005. We have an already established zoo: 2 dogs, 2 cats and a lizard.

How it all started: Mychal and I were friends in college and started dating our second year. I knew he was special and that I wanted to be around him the first day I met him. I pursued his nerdy butt and asked him to be my boyfriend... he promptly said yes, to which I retorted: "It can't happen this way, you have to ask me" and the rest is history. We've been together for 7 years with many ups and downs but overall Mychal has showed me how to love, be loved, accept love and give love. We have very different backgrounds and he's supported me to help build my reality of what I want family to be.

In May of 2004, after graduating from my Masters program, Mychal and I began seriously discussing expanding our family. Mych was hesitant so we took time to explore how this would work, what to expect and all the other goodies that come along with pregnancy. July of 2004 we began "trying" with me crying that I thought it would take at least 6 months to become pregnant. August 2004 (2 weeks into my new job) I found out I was pregnant. When I took the pregnancy test and it said 'pregnant' I woke Mychal up out of his deep sleep and showed him... He smiled and had me take a picture of the test so we could send to our family.

Since I'm 25 weeks now, I'll briefly go over the last 6 months in a breeze. The first month was a cakewalk. No tiredness, tender breasts but no nausea. Then month two, I began gagging and my breasts were really sore but I enjoyed the extra sensitivity for the twins that had been 'dead to the world' for the last 25 years. Then month 3 and 4 were H*LL! I was vomiting in the car, whenever I was hungry I gagged... I had to eat heavy things or else I would gag... I vowed never to do this again... even though I watched my belly pudge out, I realized that this was way too much going on in my body that I couldn't control!

By 4 months, things started to subside. I could eat more, stomach more . . . but I started to see myself change. I went from a woman who was constantly busy and overly independent to one who went to sleep at 10 pm and wanted to be attached to her husband's side. I started to see Mych buckle under the pressure of the role change. I couldn't even decide a restaurant for pete's sake! At month 5 until now, I've become okay in my pregnancy. It still hasn't hit me yet that I have a little one growing inside. We saw the ultrasound with her little legs and feet and BUTT and I try to grasp that my body is doing this miraculous job--without me--that I don't have control and don't need to.

So that's me up to date... Welcome to my world and thanks for reading!

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