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Week 25 ~ January 27, 2005
~ Exhaustion and Exasperation

This week has been trecherous. With crying for no apparent reason at this maternity shirt (donated) that made me look like a tent to being exasperated about the puppy reverting to pooping in the crate, I'm tired. Mychal and I have been arguing. I suspect that it's because I have been keeping him so close to me that he doesn't have time to do things that relax him like play sports, watch sports or do household projects. We talked about that last night and now things are better.

Yesterday while I was at work, a co-worker asked how I was and I started balling. I'm trying to balance everything (home, work, sleep, other stuff) and trying to anticipate/learn how to be when the baby comes. I fear that I'll be a disorganized mother and that'll drive me crazy. Today, I think I need to calm down... and get some sleep. This weekend will definitely be one for sleep.

A client of mine resecheduled so I was able to catch a quick nap. I'm exhausted from life at home but glad that Mych and I talked; I love that man more than I can explain. He is a true gift. Oh, did I mention that my hipbones hurt? I feel like a barbie doll that someone is trying to pry the legs off of... great.

Oh, went to the doc today. About a month ago when I went to find out the sex (mind you, me, my MIL, Cousin IL, and hubby were all there) the doc said that I put on 11 lbs in a month and told me to slow down. I've put on 21 so far. I think I look beautiful but I made sure to cut out sodas and some junk food. I started working out at Curves more regularly. I don't want to be huge but I refuse to diet... did it before the baby and will for sure do it after. I'm trying to enjoy myself nowadays. I went in for the appointment today and I gained 2 lbs... I was proud. He had the nerve (I say this smiling because I love our doctor) *baby is kicking something fierce right now* to say that he hoped I hadn't gained any. I hit him with the waiting room magazine and told him I was proud of myself. He then grinned and gave me credit and explained that he doesn't want me to gain much more. I'm okay with that (while I have a 3/4 eaten milky way in my lunch bag). So that'll be what I continue to work on.

Okay, I think that's about it until next time!


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