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Week 29 ~ February 24, 2005
~ The calm, hopefully not before the storm!

Vivian at 30 weeksLet's see, this week has been pretty good. Early in the week my boss came to me and asked me to put together a plan for my maternity leave. I looked at her in awe... wow, were we up to that point already? Anyway, Mych and I are supposed to talk about it and come up with a plan. I think 6 weeks is the standard but I would like to push it to 8 weeks--I like round months! But with all my lip service, we have to look at the budget. That's a major player.

We attended our first birthing class. It was fun and wonderful. We first introduced ourselves and the partners had to recite who was the ob/gyn, the pediatrician, and how many weeks the mom was. I was so surprised that many of the partners were right on top of it! I also realized that we don't have a pediatrician. So I just got some recommendations. In the class we watched a birthing video and of course Mychal fell asleep right at the money shot--where the baby was crowning. He then (after a stiff elbow from me) uncomfortably said "let me go get some coffee" and came back at the last moment to see the baby sitting neatly on the mom's chest. He's such a wuss! I'm coming to terms that he'll only be limited help in the delivery room!

The baby is moving around! She's playing soccer in there! Not just kick, kick but 1-2-3 combos! Then also, she's begun the wonderful play of kicking me in the ribs. I thought it was my underwire pressing on my belly but no, when I put my hand there to soothe it, she was kicking away! She also kicked Mych in bed last night. I was asleep but he was so excited! I'm really glad that he got to experience that.

I've also been experimenting with sleeping reclined--so I'm in semi-laid back L shape. Well, I was FINALLY getting some sleep. Mych then commented that at night I would slip down in my sleep and be flat on my back with my head propped up like a "P" that fell over. Then my doc confirmed that I can't even be reclined like that. I cursed the pregnancy demons for being so cruel.

Today I had my doc appointment and of course he got on my weight--28 lbs so far with 10 weeks to go. As a doc I see his point but as a therapist, this is an impossible cycle. For anyone who has eaten to soothe, pregnancy weight gain is a nightmare. Think about it, you're in the most stressful 9 months of your life. You can't control your body, feel helpless, SLEEP DEPRIVED!!! scared, frightened, worried and you can't medicate or soothe in any way... no caffeine, no cigarettes, no alcohol, no clubs, you can't walk it off, you can't sleep it off, you can't soak in the jacuzzi, you can't eat it away (for weight reasons but also if you have morning sickness). You can't even exercise all of the angst away. So I want to tell him to shut up and that taking a person's coping mechanisms will lead to them trying to find the one that works and is less detrimental to the baby--eating. Anyway... I'm putting myself on a plan for the next two weeks (I see him bi-weekly now). I'll keep you guys posted.

This morning, Mych commented that my waddle has gone away. I had to laugh because I do think that I'm finally getting used to the bulb on the front of my stomach. Sometimes I want to see her so bad, feel her little feet and hands, see what love has created but then sometimes I'm like, it's better that she have a nice healthy, full-term birth and that I've got all the time possible to prepare. Plus, with being "present" I'm going to try not to rush her.

I'm extremely sleepy right now for some reason! Whew! Okay, I'll bring this to a close. In retrospect this has been a pretty non-chaotic week and that's simply wonderful!

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