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Week 30 ~ March 3, 2005
~ Hospital Visit and Tour

During my last visit to the ob/gyn, I had had several questions to ask the doc and as I left, I knew I was forgetting something. I had had a cut on my finger that was small (about 1 cm) but that was turning purple and was painful. On Saturday it was still hurting so I turned to Hubby and said, "I think it's infected. Should I call the doc?" Now, I'm a pretty outspoken person but somehow I felt intimidated to call his office on a Saturday. I didn't want to be a pest, especially for a little cut on my finger. So I called my insurance company which has an RN service that answers questions. She suggested I call and just let him know. I stopped by "urgent care" (in my state, it's a place below the emergency room) but the wait was 1 hour. So Mych and I decided to catch something to eat and then make the decision. I decided to call the doc's office, just to let him know. He stated "well, I'm down at the hospital (about 40 minutes from where I live--where he delivers) and I can't really tell unless I see it. Come on down and I'll tell the interns to expect you." I hung up without asking where to go, when, etc. I turned to Mych (who was in line to order some chicken) and told him I wasn't hungry. I started crying before I got to the car.

Mych, befuddled, stated "what's wrong?" and I started blasting "it's a stupid little cut. It's nothing. I don't want to go to the hospital for a little cut. They're going to think I'm crazy for coming for a little cut. Why won't he let me come to his office later on in the week!!!" To shorten the story... after two more cries, Mych and I were on our way to the hospital. I got admitted to the ER! Yes, the ER, where I had to embarrassingly show my little finger cut to 2 nurses and a doc. Then because I am 30 weeks, it's hospital procedure that they monitor the baby before they release. So I got wheeled to obstetrics in a wheelchair... yes... and then had to get de-clothed and hooked to a monitor for 1 hour. I then had to show my finger to a gang of other nurses and docs before they could get approval from the head of obstetrics to give me an antibiotic. They were great at not making me feel like I was an idiot but I felt soooo bad. Mych had fallen asleep during the 1 hour monitoring after a raging game of "I spy" (the highlight being a stumper of the red buttons on a medical device).

The good part? We got to see where the hospital was, learn that they validate parking and got to tour the delivery rooms and nursery. It wasn't a total bomb but boy was I red-faced. I promised the doc (not my doc, I never saw him! He went home!) not to get another cut then low and behold I got another that night... but anyway.

Outside of that, I'm really becoming comfortable with my preggy body. Let's say, I'm having less "this looks like a tent" crisis and this morning I even managed to make a previously unwearable pair of pants (too tight) and a tent-ish shirt work together in a stunning ensemble complete with a gathering of fabric and a never used before butterfly pin. I feel proud of myself!

Eating--Boo! I'm not even going to discuss that!

Realizing that I'm moving on to 31 weeks is fascinating for me. I feel close but oh so very far away. I still have questions... (Will I be able to breastfeed, what if I don't want the little one to co-sleep with me when I give birth, who will do child care, how will we afford her, what happens after my leave... ) but I'm still trying to take it one day at a time.

Oh, I have noticed some weird stretch mark phenomena. First, I'm glad not to have any new stretch marks but the old ones I have from teen years now have black dots at the end of them. I look like a leopard. I have three patches of them. I'm going to ask the doc next week. They look like when you get a run in your stocking and then (old school remedy) you put a dab of nail polish on it to stop it... that's what my hips look like... weird.

Anyway, that's the update for now!

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