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Week 33 ~ March 24, 2005
~ The next time I go to the hospital, it'll be to have the baby!

On Monday I had some cramping while at work (low belly) and it went away with some walking. Well later that night the hubby and I were at Walmart and I went to the bathroom (for the 60th time) and I saw some spotting. So I called the doc on call (tears of course welling up) and she recommended that I go ahead and head to the hospital.

So we get there and they checked my cervix (closed--yea!) but when they hook me up to the heart monitor and contraction thingy they see that I'm having mild, spaced contractions. As a precaution, they hook me up to an IV (supposed to slow contractions) and have me lay down for a couple of hours. They say that if after the couple of hours my cervix changes then that would be bad. Well, I fall asleep and wake up at 12:30 and they check me again, the cervix is still closed (yea!). They gave me some meds for a common infection and say that could have been the cause of the spotting and contracting.

The highlights? Well, I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and her KICKING the heart monitor every 3 seconds for 20 minutes (fiesty!) and I got a big wake up call that my superwoman "I'm not really pregnant so just do as normal (i.e. picking up the dog to give her (40 lbs) a kiss) but only with a basketball attached to my stomach" has to stop.

I took off Tuesday but went back to work on Wednesday. While facilitating one of my psychotherapy groups I had this intense pain (like someone was plucking/pinching) my cervix. Three times. So I call the doc and then I decide to go home. I told my supervisor and thanked her again for being so supportive. She had told me to take the week off when I called her on Tuesday but I didn't listen. Well, I was more than happy to leave that day and get home to relax. Oh wait, forgot this... when I was home on Tuesday I got NO REST! I was up and down etc. the whole time. My therapist gave me homework of taking a nap each day when I get home from work (impossible---I'm always so wound up) and I'm now working on resting...really resting. It's weird... I thought I was supposed to be always busy...always busy equals successful! But the therapist (who has two children) commented that I'm going to have to learn how to take 'Vivian Down Time' where I really recharge and it can't be a week's vacation worth. Anyway, I digress...

So I come home and rest on Wednesday Really low activity. Mych helps by getting things for me. I resist carrying the chair, table and umbrella I brought out there all by myself back into the house, I ask for help *major achievement*. I also pass off the duty of cleaning the dog cage to Mychal because it involves stooping. He graciously accepts and this morning even takes my morning walk for me. I owe that man a medal.

Well, I get to the doctor's appointment and the doc basically tells me that he's concerned about my anxiety level. Y'all, I don't know why but he intimidates me. I pride myself on being equal with most people but he intimidates me. Anyway, I feel like crying right there but hold it in. He checks my cervix and answers some of my questions "is that crampy feeling normal?" "is it okay to have sex?" "will orgasm make bring about this pain/cramping I'm having" etc. He was very good in answering but bad at seeing that I have a ton of questions; this is my first pregnancy. Pain is never good (that's what I've been taught) and so I'm following proper procedures--have concern, call and ask doctor. I felt like kicking him in the shin. I got out to the car and started crying as I called Mych and asked him if I was a "worry wort" as the doctor had said. My conclusion? He's insensitive to the fact that a person like me (who is always on top of their body, health and any changes that occur) doesn't wait until the finger falls off to ask for help or suggestions. If he expects me to do that then he sucks... and plus, I HAVE NEVER ASKED TO COME INTO THE OFFICE!!! Every time I call asking a question, they tell me to come in. He's a butthead.

So I guess right now I'm angry and frustrated and determined that IF I ever become pregnant again, I'm getting a woman ob/gyn.

Okay, that's it for the saga. She's doing fine... moving about wildly... telling me she's coming into the world soon! I hate to even bring up the name thing because we change it so much but this is the latest: Kylin Noelle. I told y'all not to get attached to a name! Her name will probably be Nurse Betty on the birth certificate though; we're likely to change it up to the last minute!

Stay tuned!

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