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Week 34 ~ March 31, 2005
~ The SAGA!

Vivian at 34 weeksWell this week has been special. After the drama with the doc on Thursday, I had dinner with a friend on Friday and she helped me think of something: If the doctor isn't going to be at my delivery then we should go ahead and switch so we can be delivered closer! So I put that plan into action. I told Mychal about it and he confirmed that that would be much more convenient.

Well, then I became intimidated again, didn't want doc to think that I didn't like him or that him taking time for his baby is wrong... so I cried and got Mych to call! *Y'all, pregnancy has made me into a wuss!* and say that we were interested in getting his input because we were only willing to deliver in Galveston (40 minutes away) because of loyalty to him. And since he wouldn't be there, we'd like to find an ob who delivers at the hospital 10 minutes away (the one where we did all of our Lamaze and baby care trainings etc.) Well, he was more than helpful and even asked if there was anything he did. My hubby said, of course not (thank God) and that we had wanted to switch for months. So I began the laborious search for a doc who would take me at 34 weeks AND one that had Thursday mornings. Friday was Easter so places closed early and I had to postpone my search until Monday.

Well Saturday I was taking the nasty pill they gave me at the hospital and it made me nauseous. I went into the bathroom Mychal is responsible for cleaning (see splitting chores in previous post) and since it was dirty *uh hu!* I stood up to vomit... well, silly me... I busted all of the capillaries in my forehead, cheeks, temples and eyelids. As a woman of color I looked like I had gotten severe sunburn. I didn't notice until I had gotten out of the shower and then bam... I was like a tomato. I called Mychal and asked him to come home. It was so bad he said "I love you and think you're so beautiful honey" --translation: Wow, this is the time when my "love you for better or worse" vow comes in handy! and "We'll get you the best plastic surgery possible (if they don't go away) or the best makeup-artist to teach you how to wear makeup (both he and I hate makeup) --translation: Wow, your face is really jacked!

So, after the ordeal last week and then my red face, I was like forget it--I won't even get upset! I went to the mall, red-faced, blotchy and all. On Monday I finally found a ob/gyn (female) who has Thursday mornings so I'm set to see her next Thursday. Well today (Thursday) I go to my doc for the last time and he asks me how things went and I told him I found a new ob and he says "You know things worked out because I've decided to quit my practice while I stay home with the baby because he'll have a 3-4 month recovery time". I was so relieved--not for his situation but that it did work out. I told him how commendable it was that he was staying home to support his family. We hugged and I promised to send pics and keep him in touch. I also stole one of their magazines *shushhh...the doc told me I could!*

So now I'm doing good. My face has cleared up, the baby is moving steadily. Updates: Oh, Mych and I started doing the perineal massages but they are irritating the area down there so we'll have to chuck it! We also finally packed the hospital bag. And on Friday I learned that my friend and his wife had their baby boy! It was so exciting and scary! I know I'm next!

Well until next week!

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