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Week 35 ~ April 8, 2005
~ Speak Your Mind, Mama!

I was excited to meet the new Ob/Gyn and my appointment was at 8:45. I showed at 8:30 just in case they had paperwork. The office was much different than the old doc and it seems as though she's the only MD in the office. Well, I finished the paperwork around 8:45 and still, no call into the office. Long story short, my appointment went from 8:30-10:30!!! I had to be to work at 10 and I was frustrated by then. I had called work and pushed back a couple of appointments but when I got done at 10:30 and the nurse asked me to go to YET another place to get some blood drawn I put my foot down saying " I can't today, I am late for work" and she replied "you have to get your blood drawn today." I was getting an anemia test. I already knew I was anemic and I'm taking iron... so my thoughts... not THAT crucial! So I head, frustrated, over to the Quest lab; they say it'll take 20 minutes. I'm at the point of tears. What kind of appointment takes 2 hours? And is this a reflection of how all of my meetings with the doc will be? Anyway, I leave Quest in tears and call the doc's office again. I tell the nurse "I'm sorry, I'm not going to Quest, I'm extremely late for work. Can I schedule it next week?" And you know what she tells me? "Oh, if you have Saturday open, you can go then." WTF?!? Why didn't you tell me that in the first place! Mama needs to speak up more!

We got to see the baby on the ultrasound (that's why the appointment took so long) and she was beautifully big! She was 5.5 lbs already! Plus we got to see her eyes, nose and mouth but she was all squished. Man, I can't wait to see her.

Yesterday I did something very cool. I walked the dogs with our stroller. I needed to get them used to the stroller. Our little dog was frightened but then warmed. The older dog was fine. I felt like "wow, this is really going to happen!" when I got finished with my walk. Anyway, we still haven't decorated the room any but who cares! I'm having a baby in a month!

I think that's it for now. Keep you guys posted!

Oh, note, thank you for all the support I've gotten from readers. I love getting your emails and support!

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