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Week 38 ~ April 29, 2005
~ Just Like Your Parents

Okay, I think my pregnancy brain has set in because I can't, for the life of me remember what happened earlier this week. Either way, I had another loooonnng appointment at the docs... was there for an hour and after sitting there I put my clothes on and told them "I have a job... I need to know what time my appointments will be and how long they run." The nurse was understanding but the flame-headed receptionist was like "We can't predict when babies come." I wanted to tell her "but that doesn't excuse faulty unprofessionalism--you'd be pissed if your job turned in your paycheck late, right? Told you they didn't know when you'd get it? Time you make me late is time that I don't get paid byotch!--that means money I can't give you!"

Anyway, I made my appointment later that day and finally got seen. I was so hopeful, oh so hopeful for some dialation. NOPE. Doctor said "WOW, YOUR CERVIX IS CLOSED--CLOSED LIKE A BUTTON!" A freakin button! Great!

She must be like her dad and mom--Dad in that she wants to chill and relax in comfortable space, no need to leave. Like her mom in that if the rules are 40 weeks, she'll follow directions fully. So... when will Kylin come? Who knows?

I have a girl's night/shower tonight at one of the local Hyatt's so I'm looking forward to that!

I'll keep you guys posted... A button! A freakin button!!!


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