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Week 39 ~ May 5, 2005
~ Mean Mamma on the Rise

Let's see... this week has been up and down. Last week I had the baby shower thrown by my coworkers. It was wonderful. I asked them to have a non-traditional shower and they did it up. We stayed in a suite at the Hyatt, got a in-room massage, had food, cake and talked until all hours of the night and some people slept over! It was the best. Then that next day Mychal and I went to two classes. I went to a MaterniTea and he went to Daddy Bootcamp. In my class, I got to discuss the baby, make a photo album and get ANOTHER massage! I also learned the pressure point on the ankle used to induce labor (why when I do it, Kylin kicks me like "stop, I'm not ready yet!?! So I stopped doing it!). Mychal's class had two dads who brought their babies back so that new dads could practice on them... holding, changing etc. Mych loved it. How come the Daddy bootcamp was totally full? Husbands got turned away!

After the classes, we went to another shower. I was tired and cranky by then and at the outset of the 40 minute drive began crying... hysterically, like someone had died... to a popular song that's now out on the radio. Mych could do nothing but look at me like I was crazy. I told him I didn't want to go to the shower and to turn around but thankfully he didn't. We went to the shower and I was fine. I told him later that I was really mourning the fact that Kylin will no longer be a part of my body and that no matter if I ever get pregnant again, it won't be the same (I'm sentimental like that). After the cry, I felt much better.

Nesting... never thought I'd get the instinct until on Sunday I got the urge to finish her room. Mind you, her room is upstairs and we decided that since she'll be down in our bedroom (in the pack and play) for several months, we were just going to leave the room undecorated for now. Y'all, I had some mega energy and I put that room together. It's absolutely beautiful! Nesting is cool! Now, currently, my nesting instinct has disappeared!

On Tuesday, I got a call from one of my friends who was due the day after me but had gone into premature labor in April. Well she called to tell me she had had her baby and that unlike what they'd been told for so many months (that they were having a girl) the baby was a bouncing baby BOY!!! She said everyone in the delivery room was shocked. Wow, what if Kylin is really Kyle?!?

I'm starting to get anxious nowadays... Mychal too. We hardly sleep (me because of the frequent need to go to the bathroom) but now I can't even return to sleep. Mychal wakes every time I wake. We're nervous to-be parents!

We got the car seats installed and inspected! We picked a pediatrician... we're ready! I went to Barnes and Noble and read some more books!!! I'm ready! I'm ready! When ya comin?!?

Lastly, I had my final shower at work and it was so moving. It's so nice to know that we have love and support here in Texas!

Oh I forgot... this is where the title came from:

Okay, scenario... I'm in Babies-R-Us and I'm tired. I graciously move over as I'm waiting for the manager to come so that a woman could get checked-out. So then her 2 rowdy boys come up beside her, bumping me out of the way. I move over, then I watch the little boy reach his hand up to steal a pen from the register. I give him the eye and he retreats. Then both sons start doing cartwheels in front of me and almost kicking their mom (who is totally ignoring them).

Then the manager (who has a physical disability) came up and we're talking and the kids run into us, pushing her and me into the cashier station. I turned to the manager and said, "I have no problem slapping other people's kids." Thankfully after that, the kids calmed down. I chewed Mychal's ear off for 30 minutes about how sucky the situation was. I think next time, I'll say something to mom.

Alright, that's my drama rollercoaster...

I'm calling all readers--let's pull together and see if we can get Kylin to come on time!!!!

Keep you posted!

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