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Week 40 ~ Birth Story
~ She's Here!!

Baby KylinI guess I asked for her to come early! Wow... let me see. I had gone to the doctor on Thursday only to hear that my cervix, at 39.5 weeks, was still closed. Doc did a sweep and sure enough I had some cramping and spotting. I kept an eye on it and on Friday I still had the cramping and spotting. I went to work and walked all day... (my last day at work!! They had a BBQ)... so I went home and was really tired. I asked hubby if he wanted to take a nap. Well anyone who knows me has read that I have a zoo. Our oldest "mama Kitty" came up and gave me my usual massage (she kneads up my sides) but this time she focused only on my belly. She massaged, stopped, massaged, etc. 4 times. At her last massage, I swear to Gosh I felt a pop and then shortly after a squish. I woke hubby up and said, "I think I'm dripping." It wasn't much so I went back to sleep. After feeling just a little moist down there (nothing dripping or big!) I told hubby that I was calling the doc. So I called and got patched through to the doc on call. She was edgy and said I should come in. Why do they even have those numbers? They always tell you to come in!

Anyway, while waiting for hubby I (TMI) passed gas and then wet my pants. So then I went to the hospital, called my coaches and let them know we'd probably return home soon.

Well we got there and sure enough I was leaking fluid but MY CERVIX WAS STILL CLOSED!!! So then we got word--no leaving, baby would be born soon. WOOHOOO!


I had decided to try to tough it out for as much time as possible. Well, I got through the initial contractions with pain/sleep meds...Yeah, I had finally gotten sleep. But they woke me up often. They gave me a catheter and more meds... I slept for the first time in 7 months!!!! Then the contractions really started kicking in! After 4 hours I said... PLEASE GIVE ME THE EPIDURAL! Well the anesthesiologist (how do you spell that?) was wonderful... no pain at all. Soon I was numb. The next time I woke up it was 10 hours later and about 10 am. My coaches were there and I didn't even know. I felt wonderful! Whooo... more babies!

So then they checked me, not a lot of they kicked up the pitocin and by 2 pm I was 9 cm.

The on-call Doc?

Lawd... she seemed nice when she came but then bam... evil, non-sleep woman came out. she wouldn't let me have anything to eat (of course) or at a late point in the labor, ice either (pure evil). I was begging for ice like crack! Seriously! Anyway, our relationship culminated when I finally went into the "pushing" process and she kept saying "stop pushing with your face... don't you feel that pressure?" and I kept saying "no, I don't feel anything..." Then she frustratedly said "act like you're constipated" and I said "I haven't been constipated since my teens..." And then after her telling me that I was an insufficient pusher (byotch) at least 4 times I started hysterically crying! Breakdown ensues...."I'm trying my best... I don't know what you're asking me to do!?! Give me a minute." She huffs and says, "Look, if you can't calm down we'll just stop." WTF?!? Who stops? So I say, "everybody shut up!" Then she softens and says "Okay, I don't want to have to vacuum you. You can do this. Just get angry!" So then I try again and she huffs, "Fine, get me the vacuum!" So I get a contraction and decide 'forget this woman, get her out of this room' and I pushed the baby out... while she was turned around! She had already started the episiotomy but I ended up tearing (4th degree) once Kylin came.

So now we're at home... chillin. Wow, how do moms do it! Okay I'll end now! Thanks to all that supported me through this journey. If I had one piece of advice for moms-to-be it would be:

Know that pregnancy is the easy part--you really don't do a lot of work. It's when they get here and you realize that you are the sole provider for their happiness, nourishment, decision-making and safety that you start to realize what a big task you've undertaken. Right now its 4:42 am and the little bundle is asleep on my lap. So need to heed the advice--sleep when the baby sleeps!

See you guys soon. Hopefully I can chronicle this in the "just had baby section" if there is one!


Kylin, born May 7th at 3:17 pm, 7 lbs 13 oz with a head full of hair!

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