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Vivian's Pregnancy Journal

Vivian and Kylin
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Vivian's pregnancy journal.

Vivian (28) and Mychal (28) are the proud parents of Kylin Noelle, born May 7, 2005 - a StorkNet Baby! Loving parenthood so much, they've decided to take the plunge again.

Join Vivian as she takes us week by week through her second go 'round to the birth of her daughter on April 15, 2007!

Vivian's Journal Entries

Meet Vivian

Week 8
8 Weeks and Counting

Week 9
Oh Porcelain God

Week 10
Energy? What's That?

Week 11

Week 12
Dance Dance Revolution!

Week 13
Baby 2 Learning the Ropes

Week 14
Work Work Work

Week 15
Hello, Hello . . . Baby in There?

Week 16
Mysterious Baby!

Week 17
Excitement Rising

Week 18
1 Rookie Move Per Pregnancy

Week 19
Do I Feel Her?

Week 20
I Definitely Feel Her!

Week 21
Soccer Player

Week 22

Week 23
Greek Baby

Week 25
Catching Up

Week 26
Name That Baby!

Week 27
Moody Tudie . . .

Week 28
Smorgasborg update!

Week 29
Scratch Everything!

Week 30
Freak Out!

Week 31

Week 32
Poop Warmed Over, Twice

Week 33
Hospital Stay

Week 34
Work It Mama!

Week 35
Final Laps!

Week 36
Biding Time!

Week 37

Week 38
Be Patient

Week 39

Birth Story
Kendall Reese Is Here!

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