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Birth Story!
~ Kendall Reese Is Here!

Kendall ReeseWell well well! Here's the birth story:

I went to sleep Saturday night and at 3 am on Sunday morning I woke up. I don't know why but I had to pee. When I looked down at the bed there was a wet spot. My water broke. Then when I went to wipe sure enough there was a tinge of blood. I woke Mych and told him "let's go". So I threw on clothes, called my mom to tell her we were going to the hospital and dropping Kylin off. Mychal then proceeded to dilly dally to the point where I threatened to go without him! We finally got in the car, dropped Ky off and headed to the hospital.

While there, they checked me (still 3 cm) but said I was indeed leaking fluid. So the journey began. I had a good nurse who only had to stick me once (thank gosh) and then rushed fluids because I could feel each contraction. Then the anesthesiologist came and I was like "YES", thinking about how last time it was so wonderful. HE SUCKED. I never went numb, just tingly. They kept saying "give it time". I had to have 3 "boosts" and they only lasted 15 minutes. No sleeping this delivery. I felt each contraction to varying degrees. Some were harsh some were dull. I was bitter!

So time passed and I watched TV. Then in the morning I asked Mych to check to see if I had actually forgotten to let the dog back in. He went home to check and to let him out. At that point I was 7.5 cm dilated. So then I really start feeling the pain and I begin to debate with my nurse that I'm feeling PAIN not PRESSURE. She gives me the third boost. Then she checks me.

"The baby has had a bowel movement inside." I ask her what that means, and she gives me a bland answer about just having to aspirate the baby to make sure she doesn't gulp poo. I call my friend who's a nurse to get her to tell me the real deal, and I get Mych to look it up on the web while he's at home. After she delivers the meconium news, she says that I'm 9.5 cm, and we need to get hubby here to deliver. I call him and say "COME NOW . . ." and he replies that he is. I call back 5 minutes later and say "I'M IN PAIN AND THEY'RE WAITING FOR YOU TO DELIVER THIS BABY!"

He arrives a few minutes later, after my attempts at bribing the nurse to forget about him and let's go! So I begin pushing and the pressure turns into pain. I am pushing very hard, (the right way this time as opposed to with Kylin) and then I feel this very sharp pain. I tell the nurse I can't do it. She tells me that I have to. So I give it one more go and the head is out. They aspirate and then I push her shoulders out. The coupe de gras (or whatever you call it) was pushing the placenta out. I felt RELIEVED!

So I had a second degree tear and a clitoral tear; I didn't know they existed. I told the doc "be careful with that, I need it!" He, being very conservative, just smirked and said "I know".

So Kendall was placed on my chest and I began crying. She was beautiful. They wisked her away thought to check her out with the meconium but otherwise she was perfect. No complications thank goodness!

So now I'm just a mess of tenderness, soreness and breast pain! Oh what I'd forgotten!

Here's a pic of us!

Kendall Reese
7 lbs 4 oz; 20 inches long
Born April 15, 2007 at 9:45 am

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