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Week 10 ~ September 21, 2006
~ Energy? What's That?

So now that I'm taking the anti-nausea meds, I'm feeling much better. But then I start worrying "do I still have any symptoms, is the baby still there?". Because I didn't journal with Kylin until my 20 something week, I can't even look back and see if it was the same.

I coined Kylin the "Demon Energy Girl" because it's like she can tell I'm working at half battery, and she's kicked it up a notch. Earlier this week, I took her upstairs to her room (the one she's never slept in) because it's gated off, and attempted to sleep while she played. Within 2 minutes she had jumped on my head, kissed me 20 times, cried "baba" and hit me in the eye with her sippy cup. I managed to get all of 2 minutes sleep. I thought to myself . . . "what am I going to do with two?"

*Sigh* . . . emotionally I'm doing well too. Decided to continue on the celexa to help maintain balance during this pregnancy. I worry about any possible side effects but when I tried to wean, my mood was off the charts. I want this to be a good, happy, pleasant pregnancy as I'm sure this will be my last.

Lately, I've wanted to call out of work 300 times . . . wanted to sleep. Hoping the second trimester is easier on me!

Till later!

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