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Week 13 ~ October 12, 2006
~ Baby 2 Learning the Ropes

So last Monday I was off for Columbus Day and I had more energy than before. I was shopping for clothes for Ky because I bought tons when she was smaller but have tapered off and all her stuff is too short. So I got some maternity clothes too (I refuse to pay full price for anything anymore--I shop resale because the clothes are nice and the seller gets a cut of the profit) but I can't shop for baby yet as I don't know what it is. I guess I could get yellows and whites again. Wow, yes, I can get some neutrals.

I haven't announced the baby like I did Kylin. Close friends know but last time with Ky I sent monthly updates etc. This baby is more ours, more personal.

Oh, energy . . . when I went shopping yesterday I was actually able to shop several stores then go and pick up Kylin and go back out and go to watch the movie Cars with her at the dollar theatre. She fell asleep in the movie but watched about half. I liked the movie; it was cute.


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