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Week 14
~ Work Work Work

So there have been no changes with baby . . . I feel like I should be able to feel baby but I don't yet. We got Kylin a "life like" baby to start touching and holding, and for us to start cuddling and cooing over so that she gets used to the shared attention. She's not that bad other than trying to steal baby's paci and dropping the baby doll on it's head every once in a while.

Right now my major concern is work. They already asked me about my maternity leave and since it's so early, it's freaking me out. Honestly, I don't 100% trust that they'll hold my position for me and legally because of the size of their organization they don't have to. The one job I WANT to stay with I'm worried so much about. I wrote them an email hoping to clarify that I want to return to the position after my leave.

Otherwise, the second trimester has brought more energy but the anti-nausea medicine isn't working as well; I think I'm building a tolerance. I've been throwing up every morning for the last several days. Solidifies why I DO NOT want to go through this again.

Alright, have a good day all! Back to work for me!


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