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Week 15 ~ October 26, 2006
~ Hello, Hello . . . Baby in There?

So this week has been dotted with good and not so good. Not bad though so I can't complain. Sunday we took Kylin to a fall festival type thing. She's too small to get in the big blown up bouncer thing so me and my preggy behind got in there with her. SHE LOVED IT . . . I however was tired in three seconds flat. Crawling through the small hole was embrassing, but *sighing* how we sacrifice ourselves for our children!

Speaking of children, I'm pretty sure I felt Kylin moving around in there eariler than this. I still have YET to feel baby number 2. I know he/she's there because I keep getting morning sickness despite the medication. Luckily it's only in the morning and when I smell nasty things.

I decided to take a conditioning/dance class. My weight is doing well but I know my muscle tone is suffering and bouncing in the bouncer thing helped me know my cardiovascular system is not intact! LOL! So that's it for me right now. Have a doctor appointment on Wednesday and then will get to schedule an "anatomy scan" where I can then know the sex of the baby. *I can't wait*.

Till next week,

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