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Week 16 ~ November 2, 2006
~ Mysterious Baby!

So I went to the doc and she still couldn't get a good read on the baby's heartbeat so she brought out the ultrasound machine and we saw that the baby had its back to us. So then she pulled out the doppler again and we heard the little heartbeat.

I put on 3 pounds since last meeting and I'm still worried about putting on too much weight. The good news is that I got the card to schedule the anatomy scan where I'll find out the sex of the baby within two weeks. I'm excited. She also gave me a prescription for a different anti-nausea med but it was $300 dollars for 15 pills. Um, we said, no thanks! So I have to call her and get an alternate script.

I'm stressed out this morning, so much so that I woke up at 4 am and couldn't stop thinking about stuff. I need to write a to do list. Work is stressing me but the good part is they blocked off my maternity leave so hopefully that's a sign that they plan on having me return.

Other than that, feeling good. Can't feel baby yet but doc said that's normal. Not until the 20th week or so.

Alright adios for now!

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