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Week 17 ~ November 9, 2006
~ Excitement Rising

So we get to find out the baby's sex next week. Hubby and I were in the bed cooing about how we couldn't wait to know. Currently the whole family is sick, thanks to Kylin. Who can push away a cutie baby who coughs in your face in the morning while you're trying to wake up and then kisses you?

Last night I started to think: Kylin is my world . . . will she regret having a sis or bro? Will she feel like she's not as special. How can anyone live up to her specialness? I guess those questions will be answered with time.

Had a craving today and got pizza (a whole one but shared it at work for brunch. Yes, I said brunch. Also had a breakdown two days ago with hubby that we don't cook or clean like other families and I feel like we're failing. I don't know, Kylin's eating TV dinners with us at night. But I don't feel like cooking and hubby doesn't do anything but meat. I guess I need to be okay with the resources I have. I can't force myself to be Mrs. Betty Crocker.

That's it for now. Oh, I tried a new anti-nausea med, it's wonderful. Reglan was like $325.00 copay so they prescribed something else and I don't get tired off of it. Why didn't they prescribe that one before!?!

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