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Week 18 ~ November 20, 2006
~ 1 Rookie Move Per Pregnancy

My gosh, I might need two pages for this last week. So we went for an anatomy scan and during the scan they checked the baby's heart, kidneys, veins etc. They had a huge tv so I didn't have to strain to see the little screen. During one time the baby waved at us! We've got a pic. Then the doc found something abnormal in the brain called a cyst and it is in the area that makes the spinal fluid. Doc stated it was pretty common, that it goes away on its own but is sometimes a sign of genetic abnormalities. She offered me an amnio . . . I said, well if it'll be gone by 6 weeks, can we wait and she said "if you do the amnio and find that there are huge genetic issues, you can only abort the baby up to week 20 or 22 so you'd need to know now". I always thought I was detached but I began crying. I want the baby, I do not want to have to abort the baby. Then hubby and I had to do some talking (mind you she said the chances of abnormalities are RARE and that I had NO OTHER SIGNS). We decided to get the amnio anyway. *Please skip for faint of heart* . . . It hurt like h$ll. I mean HURT! At one pont she said, "I'm still in your skin," and then pushed the needle harder. I survived it but you need support there if you're having it done.

So then I was told "no work tomorrow" and I was kind of happy! Couldn't drive home so hubby drove home. Then the next day I was fine. On Friday I had some goopy discharge and freaked out and called the doc on call. She said it was probably fine to either go to the ER (to check if amniotic fluid) or wait until Monday (and I wasn't sure I could get off work). So I went to the ER. It was empty! Wooo hoo. They did another anatomy scan and found the same things. Found again that my placenta is previa (over my cervix) so no sex for 6 weeks (5 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours and counting) until they see if it's moved. I'm DYING! I have to call the doc to see just what is OKAY stimulation and what isn't. This is torture!

Oh I stayed in the hospital for four hours but enjoyed myself. Weird huh? Got to see baby again and ended up getting told I probably have a yeaster. Hubby said it was okay, I was allowed 1 rookie move per pregnancy (see last rook move with Kylin in old journal).

So I went home feeling better that everything was okay. I still can't feel baby but I know (oops almost slipped and said the sex) . . . it's there.

So what you've all been waiting for . . .







Buy stock in pads, tampons and Midol! It's another girl!

I was at first disappointed, thought her hand was a twig and berries but now I'm settled into the fact that I'll have two cheeky, beautiful, mischievous girls!

That's it for now!

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