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Week 20 ~ December 1, 2006
~ I Definitely Feel Her!

Okay I definitely feel her. Every once in awhile I'll feel a kick or move in my belly. She's really low so I feel it way under my navel. We got the amnio stats back and she's normal. *whew*. And they confirmed it really is a girl.

We've been struggling to find names. Kylin's was so perfect for me; now I can't think of any that don't sound like or are similar to Kylin!

I think I'm hitting the tired phase again; I could sleep for 26 hours straight if given the chance! Otherwise things are well.

I was pleased that I only put on 1 pound this month. I made it through Thanksgiving! Last year, I put on 11 lbs between the months of November and December!!!!!

Alright, we're off on vacation this weekend so we're happy!

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