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Vivian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ Soccer Player

So this baby is a soccer player! When going back for the follow up ultrasound they found that she was fine, the cyst was gone and the placenta moved . . . WHOOO HOOO! She was beautiful! I could see the outline of her nose and then she yawned and put her hands in front of her face! Then she got tired of the ultrasound machine and kicked it four times! She's fully moving now, and I can feel her.

I'm still having morning sickness but only when I take my medicine at night so perhaps I have to switch. I've broken out in this itchy pregnancy related rash and it's sucks. I feel like I have cooties!

Otherwise, things are well. Still haven't picked a name *sigh*.

We're taking all suggies on non-feminine, strong, non traditional names . . . see why we're having trouble!


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