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Week 23 ~ December 29, 2006
~ Coasting

Right now we're in an internet cafe for about an hour so I'll make this quick. We're here in Athens, Greece. We're getting acclimated. It's been bumpy with it's ups and downs. The plane ride was hideous with Kylin stuffed on our laps. I think I'll welcome buying her another seat for the space. Secondly, the baby was moving a ton but I couldn't really focus on her. I feel like already she's not getting the same attention. I'm trying to do all the same for her as I did for Ky but we'll see.

Then our time clocks are off. Even baby 2 is off. It's funny. We keep waking up at 2 am or so and baby is awake too! The smoking here is OFF THE CHAIN . . . everybody, their momma, son, cousin and father smoke. And in enclosed spaces. Like there's a dude smoking in the internet cafe. Who cares that I'm preggy or about Kylin's lungs!

I had to take an anti-nausea pill and it knocked me out (I took on of the old ones.) I slept for like a day. I couldn't help it. I guess my body needed it. Baby is kicking and moving now . . . so I guess I'll sign off!


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