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Week 25 ~ January 11, 2007
~ Catching Up

Sorry about the big lapse . . . things have been going fine with baby. She's growing, kicking and moving. This girl is an active Sally! I went to the doctor and she commended me on my weight gain--14 pounds so far. She stated that it's common for the weight gain to go slower since I started at a higher weight. Also, I went on the scale and it was 199, 198 at the doc's office . . . wow, I'm going to cross the 200 threshold. That's big. I should, instead of making it a bad thing, celebrate the growing of my body. Change the outlook of it. I think I will. If and when I cross the 200 mark, I'll celebrate motherhood--maybe with a massage or something! I'm liking this idea more and more!

When I was in the doc's office, I met a lady who had two babies nine months apart and was now pregnant with her third who would be about seven months or so apart. She said that they wouldn't tie her tubes, said she was too young. I just grumble over someone making a choice for my reproduction. She looked exhausted but her kids were so cute. A boy, and girl and another girl on the way. Both had curly blond hair . . . and the girl was cooing at me . . . made me melt!

Okay, that's it for me and my soapbox. I read this thing that said the baby was still small, I feel like she's huge right now! She's always moving and elbowing/kicking me . . . and NO, no name yet. Bah humbug!


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