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Week 27 ~ January 25, 2007
~ Moody Tudie . . .

Okay, I want to see her again. I hope I get an ultrasound sometime soon. Baby X is still active but not as much as she was a couple weeks ago. Now she's more active late at night. The other day I pushed her foot/elbow/hard body part . . . and she pushed back. It was neat. Then she moved! Forget mommy pushing on her!

Still battling morning sickness. This sucks . . . but now I'm like forgetting the medication; it's not helping. Just barf and be done. Nothing helps.

I'm also struggling . . . I am on antidepressants and they asked me to wean down this trimester but my mood quickly settled back . . . I felt tired, just wanted to sleep, didn't want to go anywhere, felt snippy with everyone. So I think I'm going to stay on this mg until the weekend then I'll try and see how half does.

I'm achy and pained . . . I need a good massage. Haven't hit 200 yet, actually lost 3 lbs, but I'm still going to celebrate when it does cross that boundary. People say I'm glowing; I do see my skin getting better. I bet it's all the blood that rushes to my head when I'm barfing in the morning!

The ladies who have been emailing me have been awesome! THANK YOU and they've been helping on the name search for baby X.

Alright, I think I want to go and read Ky's at this stage, see how much is the same!



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