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Week 28 ~ February 1, 2007
~ Smorgasborg update!

Some weird things have been happening. I keep having pains around that muscle under your belly. It's like someone stabbing me. I called the nurse and I'll discuss it with doc next Wednesday. Then I've begun the third trimester not sleeping marathon. I wake up several times to pee or just because I'm sleeping lightly. I think Hubby is in on it too because he's waking up to pee in the middle of the night too! And Ky also wakes up at 4 am for no reason. We're all weird.

Baby is moving to the groove in there. She's pushing and moving and squirming. Ky was telling my belly "hi sister" and it was the cutest thing ever. My bellybutton is about to pop out! Today when I was walking in the CVS it felt like I was about to pass out. I guess too much exertion from the water aisle to the counter! Luckily I work in a doctor's office so I had my blood pressure taken (normal) but my pulse was elevated. I also have this twinging feeling in my cervix. I think I'm making stuff up but I feel everything so it's weird!

We came up with two *possible* names. We're not married to them at all so don't get hooked.
1. Camden (or Camdyn?)--it's kinda preppy though and 2. Taryn. So we'll see.

Alright keep you guys posted! I had a mini breakdown this week with the decrease in antidepressants but long story short, I went back up to my normal, called out sick, got some sleep and now I'm feeling better. Boy, this is a rollercoaster. OH! I got a prenatal massage too. NICE. She was a little light on her touch but it felt so good to have some pressure released. I realize I'm carrying a lot in my head, eyes, scalp, neck area.

Alright, peace people!

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