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Week 29 ~ February 8, 2007
~ Scratch Everything

Okay, so both names have been scratched. Now we're looking at Kendall. You know . . . I'm liking baby X much more. The time is passing so quickly, I can't believe I'll have another girl on the way.

Went to the doc, put on 3 lbs so I'm around 19 lbs total. That's good compared with last time. I was much more than that. Sleep is still something that's eluding me. I'm tired but that's how I was last time too. I talked to doc about the antidepressant--she's fine with it. My mood has been much better so I'm glad. Very stable. I talked with her about the pains in my belly, she said it's normal ligament stuff. I also talked with her about cervix pain--normal. Somehow I was wishing for a -get out of work free- card!

I was listening to a book on CD called "One More Day" (I think) by Mitch Albom and it made me think about the wonderfulness of motherhood. I am so glad I'm able to be a mom to Kylin and baby x. I also called my mom and told her how much I love and appreciate her. To all moms out there . . . THANK YOU . . . thank you for carrying each of us, thank you for feeding each of us, thank you for raising us.

Alright, I'm done gushing. I joined a working mommies group, I need more mommy/girl time. We'll see how it goes! We already have an event on Sunday!


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