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Vivian's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31 ~ February 22, 2007
~ Preparation

First thank you so much ladies for the support I've gotten. Far and wide . . . USA and Europe (How cool is that!)

Secondly, I went to the hospital to register . . . then it hit me. I need to pack a bag. This baby is going to be coming soon. Wow. Another baby. I read an article that said babies in womb are either: 1. dolphins (nice swimming movements) or 2. Soccer gurus. This one is a soccer guru. She's always moving and kicking and dancing. It's kind a cool.

Thirdly, I got sick (the whole family did as a matter of fact) . . . lost 5 lbs but gained it all back I was so happy to eat again!

The weather has improved and so has the mood, I've taken Ky out to play and that's eased my nerves about the having two babies in house everyday. I kinda can't wait to nurse and strap the baby to me like I did with Ky.

Ky is so cute. I wish I could provide a video of her kissing my belly and saying "Hi sistfer". I don't think she gets the total concept yet but it's cute anyway.

*sigh* . . . the countdown begins.


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