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Week 32 ~ March 4, 2007
~ Poop Warmed Over, Twice

So I'm late even getting this entry in. Last week I had a couple of things to do at work that required traveling . . . one was a meeting that I nearly fell asleep in several times. I'm TIRED! I mean exhausted. At night I get no resemblance of restful sleep so I'm always yawning the day away. *be warned this may be a b*tch-away entry* Then work just is bothering me. I put in email that I'm thinking of going part time, but I keep chickening out. Work is the kind of place that might punish me by giving me extra duty during my on time. *sigh*

Then last night Kylin jumped on my lap and I guess pushed Kendall . . . omigosh it hurt so bad. I couldn't breathe. Then for the next hour I had what I now think are braxton hicks. I called the doc and he said go to the hospital but by the time we got in the car it had stopped. None since.

I took a 4 hour nap today as well as sleeping in . . . y'all I'm exhausted.

Then I barfed up my breakfast at service this morning and my stomach is still grumbling. I need some CALGON to take me away!

And if you really want to know--I'm scared of having two. Not just that but because we're the main source of transpo and care for my mom and bro. So instead of having 2 kids, I'll have 3.5. My brother is soooo moody sometimes and it just adds pressure.

I guess I feel on the brink of crying. I hope this will work out . . . well of course it has to . . . there's no turning back now!

Okay gals . . . I'm out. Talk to you soon!


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