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Week 34 ~ March 15, 2007
~ Work It Mama!

So I gave my notice at work, and they ignored it. My schedule was still full time. So you know what? I told the admin person in charge of scheduling the issues (they hadn't told her about my request) and told her that I will be in every day from 12:30-4:30. It's their perogative how to handle it.

Then I had a Mary Kay consultant come and make me and mom up. It was fun. I got some good skin care stuff and I kinda feel cute . . .!

I finally hit 200! I said I needed to celebrate but I don't have time but I'm glad that I'm doing good and staying healthy. That adds up to 15 lbs for this pregnancy. I just keep thinking that I can't wait to try to get back to the old me . . . 155 was what I was before Kylin. I started this pregnancy at 185! I'm 5'5!

I like the half days, I'm sleeping until 10 so I guess I really need it. I'm in a super good mood lately too. Plus the days are beautiful. I can't wait to be home with baby. I'm getting excited!


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