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Week 35 ~ March 23, 2007
~ Final Laps!

Vivian and KylinI've been sleeping more in the mornings now that I'm part time and I can see that I was exhausted! I think we, hubby and I, are both nervous about Kendall coming. I *JUST* packed my bag last night. Packing a bag made it real.

Hubby and I also talked about the "what if's" if an emergency occured during birth. It's morbid but we needed to discuss it.

Kendall is kicking on the sides . . . that makes me worried about where she is and if she's in position. Kylin was in position by now. Either way she's got time so I'm not fretting.

Here's a pic of me and Ky . . . and Kendall poking out! I go today to the doc to see if I'm any more dialated. We'll see!



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