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Week 38 ~ April 12, 2007
~ Be Patient

Okay so I've been so uncomfortable the last past week. I ache and ache and ache. Kendall Reese is in there moving a bit too. I guess she's like "it's tight in here" also. I've been trying not to stress and I think as the day approaches it gets easier.

I went for my checkup (actually 39 week but I always write the week in retrospect) and I got scheduled for my induction on Tuesday. Yes, you read that right . . . this tuesday coming. *breathe, breathe!* I'm still at 2 and 60 but that's okay.

Right now, I'm just chillin, relaxing, trying to catch up on reading and sleep before our world turns upside down. Plus my friends have been wonderful offering last nights of sanity by watching Ky for me and hubby

Alright, our internet is out so I'm at a internet cafe/smoothie place. I don't want to look like a internet hog!

Talk to you soon!


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