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Week 8 ~ September 7, 2006
~ 8 Weeks and Counting

8 week ultrasoundSo it seems as though the time is moving remarkably slow. The morning sickness or all day sickness is waning *some* and I'm praying for a miracle. People ask me if this one is more intense than Kylin and I tell them that I just don't have the "oh it's the first time" wonderment that I had before so it just drags the process on. I never liked pregnancy but it was exciting last time; now, I'm just sick waiting for the end result, a wonderful creation of my husband and I.

I went to the doc, gained 3 lbs so I'm of course worried since I'm starting out at 185 instead of 155 like last time. And I'm trying to be cautious of high fat foods, making better, more healthy choices. I'm also trying to get in at least 15 minutes of exercise. Wow how hard that is sometimes!

I'm including a picture of my little bean. I called my hubby fertile myrtle while we were at the doc yesterday and that was our joke the rest of the night. I can't believe there's another little bean in there!

Alright, Ciao for now!

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